September 2, 2017:  

Tom reading with Mark Twain

My book about my parents, While They're Still Here, will be published in November. I'm so excited, and more than a little nervous. My parents loved books.  After Dad lost his eyesight, the VA connected us with the Washington Talking Book & Braille LibraryIt changed his life. He listened to several books a week - Perry mason, Hardy Boys, Tom Sawyer, and Westerns by Zane Grey.

My mom read any mystery she could get her hands on, and espectally loved the Cat Who series.  I wonder what they'd think of my book about their own lives.  - Trish

(First photo is Mark Twain reading to dad.)

cat who series cropped

 Mom's collection of the complete Cat Who series   


bookcase with weber books 300X536



While They're Still Here

is now available
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"What a treat; a new book!"