September 25, 2017:  

Tom Marg 1955

In the 1955 photo on the cover of my book, my mother has a camera in her hands. There are many pictures of her with a camera, including this one from 2007. My book is thanks to her chronicling of our family life with pictures and stories. What a memory she had!

From my book: 

“For the next week, Mom sorted photos and I labeled them. She could instantly name all fifteen people in a tiny, grainy family reunion picture who were all dead long before I was born.

But she didn’t just name them—I watched her conjure their essences and visit their memories. We loaded the bulletin board with her grandmothers, parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins; each photo was greeted affectionately and produced a story.”

- Trish

(First photo is Mom and Dad in 1955.) 

marg with camera

Mom in 2007   

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