November 7, 2017

mom linda trish 1960
Today, the publication day for my book about my parents, is also Election Day. We vote by mail now, filling out the form at the kitchen counter. My parents voted together, after Dad got home from work. Mom was ready. Her best dress, pillbox hat, button clip-on earrings, and second-hand Spectator pumps. Voting was important, and required dressing up. I like picturing her that way, and Dad in his suit and tie, celebrating the day that a book about them goes out into the world. 

Since Mom was the one behind the camera most of the time, there aren’t many pictures of her, and I can’t find any of her dressed up. This will have to do.

(First photo is Mom, Linda & Trish in 1960)

- Trish

Dad looking dapper in a suit

Dad looking dapper in a suit


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