December 24, 2017:  

Tom and Marg Christmas

Here is an excerpt from my book, with a few photos to match. The 1959 photo is my brother with Dad's childhood Lionel. I still have the train, and I put it around our tree with my village.

From While They're Still Here:

"My crinkled parents were as sparkly as any Christmas decoration with their ear-to-ear smiles, and twinkling eyes. To see them so happy rekindled my holiday cheer. I snapped dress-up photos by their tree, then packed pies, presents, and their old bones into the car for the one-minute drive. They oohed and aahed all the way up my driveway and were awestruck when they entered the house, immersed in holiday fragrances, Christmas carols, and shimmering lights. The dogs demanded their attention first, but then Mom admired each decoration while I helped Dad inch down onto his hands and knees to see the train and village."

(First photo is of Dad and Mom after they moved here in 2003)

Chip with Lionel Train 1959

Chip with Lionel train, Christmas 1959

Lionel Train Christmas VillageLionel train and Christmas Village today

- Trish

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