"A cross-country move; a family history of avoiding difficult topics; two elderly parents with significant medical issues who are reluctant to let go of their past life - these are among the many challenges facing Williams as she steps into the role of caretaker for her parents, but she dons her imaginary uniform with courage, even as she is kept awake by her concerns.  In this frank memoir, she takes the reader along for every medical emergency, tense conversation, and difficult decision, beginning with packing up her parents' home in Florida and maaging their move to an apartment in Washington, just across the street from her. Although her parents have a dark history that includes alcoholism and infidelity, Williams finds that this time together allows her to explore their memories in a new way, learning things about their past that she never knew, as all three work to understand their new roles. With compassion and honest, Williams shares how she navigated the complex journey with her parents during the last chapter of their lives."


— Bridget Thoreson,  Booklist Review, October 15, 2017.